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Fisheye lenses

Fisheye lenses

Here you will find all fisheye lenses. These lenses provide a special effect with curvatures for many creative possibilities. Usually they are a special type of Wide-angle lenses.

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Dörr 12mm f/7.4

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Fisheye lenses - For a special image look

If the ultra-wide angle is no longer enough, then the fisheye lens is the right choice. This type of lens is not only based on the shape of a "fisheye" in its design, but also manages to reproduce an angle of view of 180 degrees almost perfectly. If you as a photographer, no matter if you are a professional or an amateur, want to get really close, then you can't get around the fisheye lens. In the meantime there are suitable fisheye lenses for all common bayonets of the well-known manufacturers, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony or also Pentax. With such a special lens, the resulting extreme distortion is intentional, which represents a completely round imaging area and therefore provides for special shots.  Suppliers like Sigma, Tamron or Walimex have specialized in the production of fisheye lenses. Thanks to the extensive range, the fisheyes can be mounted on cameras with different sensor sizes. This means that users of full-frame cameras can enjoy the special Fisheye lenses just as much as users of cameras with APS-C sensors or Micro FourThirds sensors. Thanks to their good feel and high-quality craftsmanship, taking photographs with the lenses is great fun. The special image with its characteristic and extreme distortion is used by both art photographers and sports photographers who want to capture special scenes, for example inside a half-pipe.