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Camera Basics #22 - What are chromatic aberrations?

We have already written so many technical blog articles about the basics of photography and videography, but we have not yet talked about one of the most well-known optical errors (aberrations), chromatic aberrations.

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Panasonic develops and produces high-quality interchangeable lenses for cameras with Micro Four Thirds mount, such as the mirrorless system cameras from Panasonic and Olympus. The high-quality lenses cover all focal lengths from extreme wide-angle to telephoto and are characterized by a noble design, excellent workmanship and very good imaging performance. This means that the photographer can always choose the lens best suited to his task and achieve a great result. In general, lenses in the Micro-Four-Thirds range are compact and lightweight, but Panasonic also offers a range of pancake lenses that are particularly suitable for travel, offering fixed focal lengths for the best image quality. Panasonic also produces a very special series of lenses in cooperation with the traditional German company Leica, which can meet the highest demands. In addition to the fixed focal lengths, which are optimized for one focal length and are used in portrait photography, Panasonic also offers zoom or vario lenses, which can score with a very large focal length range. Many lenses are also equipped with an image stabilizer, the OIS. This makes it possible to take blur-free pictures at slow shutter speeds or in unfavorable lighting conditions, even with camera bodies that do not have an integrated stabilizer. Panasonic's lens portfolio covers all common areas of application: From macros for the smallest creatures to the megazoom lenses, which cover a very large focal length range and are thus ideally suited as travel lenses, to wide-angle lenses for landscape specialists or telephoto lenses for the sports photographer.