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Reading time: 6 minutes - July 11, 2022 - by Snapshot Editor

Cheeky fruit

From the new snapshot: "Humor"

Fruit is delicious and healthy. But otherwise it's rather unexciting. It's just lying around. Or is it? Photographer Victoria Ivanova puts her pears in a fun way, playing with the magic of black and white shots.

Victoria Ivanova - Underwear

With this artistic project, the question came to our mind: How does one come up with such an idea? Victoria then told us some of her story. She started playing with food, especially fruit, when she was a small child. She learned to love the animated film Cipollino (Little Onion; 1961 film) and began drawing funny pictures of the characters represented in the film. Over the years, Victoria also took her first steps in photography with the subject. In the beginning, the fruits still had eyes, legs and arms. Victoria has since left these details out so that the little fruits can speak for themselves. In her project, the photographer has no particular intention. She simply loves to find interesting vegetables and fruits, which she can stage specifically for her pictorial stories. With new images, everything starts with a sketch. For her, this is the most creative part of the work. But the search for the most suitable fruits and vegetables takes the most time. Often ten stores are searched until the ideal model is found. When all the models have been "cast", it's time to build the backdrop and take the photos. This always happens at night. There is a good reason for this: Victoria uses a self-built light set-up in an absolutely dark room. While she is taking photos, music is usually playing. She describes this state as her "photo meditation".

You can find more about Victoria Ivanova on her


Victoria Ivanova - Casting

Victoria Ivanova - pears sketch

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