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Panasonic's camera variety ranges from versatile compact cameras to professional system cameras. On these pages you will get an overview of our Panasonic range. You will find both the Lumix G interchangeable lens cameras the Lumix G compact cameras the matching Lumix G lenses as well as Camcorders. In addition, you can get an overview of promotions, news, current cashback offers and special promotions in our Panasonic brand store.

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Panasonic full-frame system cameras

Panasonic's camera system is characterized by a particularly refined and deep menu structure, which is optimized for very many users who also work in very niche areas in particular. With the new 2023 camera generation, Panasonic now also offers a very reliable autofocus and excellent image stabilization, which not only pleases photographers, but also videographers with the implementation of open gate filming in the MFT body as well.

Lumix S system cameras

The Panasonic MFT cameras

Together with OM System, Panasonic offers a system for photographers who like to work with compact cameras, which are especially suitable for wildlife photographers, because thanks to the sensor size and the crop factor, it is possible to get very close and capture every animal on the full image width. However, Panasonic also has a special offer for videographers who want to save the gimbal with the image stabilization.

Lumix G system cameras

Lumix Lenses

Through the L-Alliance, Panasonic offers a large number of high quality lenses, many of which fall under the claims, offering particularly high exposure performance and minimal distortion. But Panasonic's S-Pro lenses also offer other nifty features not found in other systems.

Panasonic Lumix lenses

Current Panasonic promotions

Panasonic Lumix S5IIX pre-order promotion

Save up to $800 when purchasing a bundled S5II and S5IIx full-frame camera!

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Panasonic full frame instant discount

Get your instant discount of up to 300€ on selected combinations of the Lumix S5II and Lumix S5IIx with selected lenses.

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Panasonic Lumix S9 launch promotion

Up to €300 instant discount when you buy the new Lumix S9 in combination with selected lenses.

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Panasonic blog posts

Hands-on with the Lumix S9 - Panasonic's compact full-frame range

With the Lumix S9, Panasonic is focusing on a camera that is aimed at everyone, a camera that offers you creative freedom, by using Live LUTs and the new Lumix APP for your smartphone, the camera is aimed at people who no longer want to spend hours editing on their PC.

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Major firmware update S5II/S5IIX - AI improvement

We have been waiting a long time, finally Panasonic has presented the long-awaited firmware update, which includes animal eye autofocus, motorcycle and autofocus. But much more has been added and improved. We give you an overview here!

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Camera Basic #20 - Open Gate and its advantages for social media explained

Social media has become indispensable and the technology continues to develop. Open gate technology offers the possibility of reading the full sensor for video, but what does that mean?

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Guide: Cameras for wildlife photography 2024

Animal photography has been as trendy since 2023 as it was last in 2020, which is why we would like to introduce the best current cameras for animal photography to the beginners and professionals among you.

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The best portrait lenses 2023 - More than fixed focal lengths

The best portraits are taken with fixed focal lengths, aren't they? Our colleagues in the store always get lots of questions about photography, from cameras to accessories, everything is included but we also always discuss the best lenses with each other!

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The best cameras 2023

Every year, only the latest cameras could be considered the best cameras of the year. But we all know that the best camera for you should also be within your budget - and that's not always the latest camera. That's why we've put together the best and most interesting cameras of 2023 for you here.

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Creative lighting - live shoot with Fabian Grell (Clipskills)

In this live shooting workshop, L Mount photographer Fabian Grell demonstrates the often surprisingly simple tricks that can be used to create really creative and unusual portrait photos in the studio.

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On vacation in Japan with the Panasonic S5IIx - 2 weeks test report

Nothing is more beautiful than traveling and vacation moments should be kept for eternity. Today I would like to give you an insight into my lifelong dream, or rather my dream trip, and what I had planned for it. I'm a passionate cosplay photographer and usually travel with the Nikon Z system. But I have to think outside the box when I look at the conditions in Japan and put my requirements into perspective.

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Our first test of the Panasonic Lumix G9II

This year there is simply a reason for Panasonic fans to celebrate, because their system cameras have been around for 15 years and this is celebrated with a new Lumix G9II. This camera is a welcome successor to the G9 and you can find out why in the following article.

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Panasonic's full-frame breakthrough? Lumix DC-S5II in the test

The brand new Lumix S5 Mark II is Panasonic's latest release in the field of full-frame system cameras. It comes with some important innovations in the video area and especially the autofocus system has been improved! Find out everything you need to know about the new camera here!

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New: Panasonic HC-X2 HC-X20

The HC-X20 and HC-X2 both bring the ability to work with 4K in 60p with a 1 inch sensor in a professional camcorder body. Together with the large telephoto lens and strong streaming capabilities, these cameras are suitable for almost any area of the film industry with particular strengths for broadcasting.

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Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6 Review

We've waited a long time for it, now it's here - the Panasonic Lumix GH6! With the new GH6, Panasonic launches a new camera with new active cooling, 5.7k video, Apple ProRes and 100MP photos. Find out what else is new in our detailed review.

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What sensor size do I need?

Every photo enthusiast knows this question, that's why we clarify this question in this live show to our photo days!

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New: Panasonic Leica 25-50mm f/1.7

The Panasonic GH5 II was only recently introduced. But now the manufacturer has a nice addition to the lens range that complements this camera very well: the Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Summilux 25-50mm f/1.7. We have tested it!

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New introduction: Panasonic GH5 II

A worthy successor? The GH 5 was probably the most popular camera in Panasonic's GH series due to its top performance in the video sector. Now the manufacturer is launching its long-awaited successor: the GH5 II. Find out what the GH5 II can do and whether it is a worthy successor in our video.

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Camcorder or system camera - which is better for video?

But what exactly are the differences between a camcorder and a mirrorless system camera? What can the photo/video all-rounder do that a camcorder can't and vice versa? In this article, we not only want to show you the differences between the various camera systems, but also show you our favorites for different applications and in different price ranges.

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Review: The new cameras of 2020 | David Schöppe from Schießstand

David Schöppe gives you a brief overview of the most important new releases of 2020.

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The best camera news from 2020!

We briefly present the camera innovations from various photographic areas and summarize the most important features: whether full-frame, APS-C, video masters or the fastest photo companions. There is something for everyone here!

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Lumix S5 full-frame all-rounder - camera novelty with L-mount

Panasonic presents a new L-mount full-frame camera - the Lumix S5. We were allowed to test the new camera model in advance and compared it with the Sony Alpha 7 III.

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A trip to Africa - Panasonic

Panasonic photographer Nicole Verley takes you to huge, free-roaming elephant herds, river safaris with hippos and crocodiles and the paradisiacally beautiful tropical rainforest around the Victoria Falls.

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Lumix G91 - Robust all-rounder for ambitious photographers

Since 2008, Panasonic has been building cameras in the G series, models with an electronic viewfinder and ergonomics similar to small SLR cameras. We have subjected the Lumix G91 to a hands-on test.

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Panasonic S1R full-frame and the L-mount alliance

One day before Photokina, the manufacturers Panasonic, Leica and Sigma announced their collaboration on the new L-mount. In short, this means that the L bayonet will become a new flexible standard that will give photographers new freedom.

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Lumix GX80 vs. Lumix GX9

Are you interested in a compact system camera but have lost the overview? We show you two Panasonic models in a video and explain the differences between the Lumix GX80 and the new Lumix GX9.

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Panasonic DC-G9 hands-on

We tried out the Panasonic DC-G9 for you shortly after it went on sale. In our exclusive Foto Koch hands-on, we show you which features of the new Lumix system camera we particularly liked.

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Panasonic Pro Partner

Foto Koch is an authorized Panasonic premium dealer for photo & video products. In addition to the Panasonic Lumix compact and system cameras, this includes above all the Lumix G lenses and camcorders.

Panasonic Lumix Pro Dealer

Foto Koch is also a Panasonic Lumix Pro Dealer and thus officially authorized to sell Panasonic Professional Premium Digital Cameras, such as the Panasonic Lumix S full-frame system camera.

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Panasonic Lumix S9 launch promotion

Up to €300 instant discount when you buy the new Lumix S9 in combination with selected lenses.

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Hands-on with the Lumix S9 - Panasonic's compact full-frame range

With the Lumix S9, Panasonic is focusing on a camera that is aimed at everyone, a camera that offers you creative freedom, by using Live LUTs and the new Lumix APP for your smartphone, the camera is aimed at people who no longer want to spend hours editing on their PC.

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